Run OF sustainability commitment is recognized in the production approach of its sneakers. Our products have indeed been designed and manufactured in a sustainable way since the first stage, combining waste materials and warehouse inventories, creating an exclusive and unrepeatable product.

In the near future, limited editions will also be launched, online only, made exclusively with waste and stock materials, in order to eliminate the production of dedicated products. In our view the best way to avoid polluting is to minimize the production of new materials, drawing with creativity using what companies have in stock. This allows us not to start a new production chain that would create pollution. We believe that the upcycling process strongly highlights the soul and creative quality of a brand, giving it the opportunity to be exclusive and competitive in a market too often unfair and unethical. MADE IN ITALY / GREEN / RUNARCHY / UPCYCLED.

RUN OF remains linked to a top quality manufacturing and we make sure that every piece of material used in our shoes matters. Our exclusive design, timelessly fashion and our high quality parts make the product durable over the years.

from a bag
to the shoe

SHUTTLE / upcycle project

The shuttle sneakers originate from a huge stock of ripstop nylon bags yet produced, but not sold. The concept of ​​giving this waste a new life has grown. The shuttle, in addition of becoming our carry over, has the paculiarity of being a unique piece as the uniqueness of the casual design of the die-cutting. As a whole, the RUN OF project is based on the upcycle concept for 80% and the brand itself was created to give life again the leftovers of our manufacturing process. Therefore it reduces unnecessary waste of material. Fully uplcycled limited edition styles will be for sale exclusive on our website.

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